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Current group:

Renee Duckworth (PI)
Matthew Moelling | grad
Matt Jenkins | grad
Haley Gee | grad
Juliana Kosters | tech
Goran Dzudza | honor's
Forrest Zepezauer | UBRP
Katie Murray | undergrad
Kaycee Schuline | undergrad
Carolina Guiterrez | undergrad
Katie Cannon | high sch


Kathryn Chenard | grad
Ahva Potticary | grad
Chris Gurguis | grad
Stepfanie Aguillon | grad
James Mouton | postdoc
Georgy Semenov | postdoc
Kelly Hallinger | postdoc
Hannah Quick | undergrad
Anne-Laure Blanche | honor
Alexis Anderson | honor
Savannah Miller | REU
Taylor Bobowski | REU
Fatima Bravo | tech
Caitlin Gill| tech
Ellen Ouelette | tech
Allison Byrd | tech
Selene Fregosi | tech
Tayler LaSharr | UBRP

Anna Sevic | undergrad
Judy Quach | undergrad
Fernando Diaz | undergrad
Hannah Specht | tech

NSF CAREER Pop & Comm Ecol, DEB-1350107

New papers:

Badyaev, AV, Lee, CA, Gleason, MJ, Semenov, GA, Britton, SE, & Duckworth, RA. Submitted. Tuning regulatory signaling network to cell jamming transitions can delineate population divergence in morphogenesis. BMC Biology.

Chenard, KC, Blanche, ALB, Kosters, J, & Duckworth, RA. Submitted. Fitness consequences of social and non-social personality traits depend on context and experience Behavioral Ecology

Gurguis, CI, Duckworth, RA, Bucaro, NM, Walss-Bass, C. Submitted. Fitness consequences of depressive symptoms vary between generations: evidence from a large cohort of women across the 20th century. PLoS One

Duckworth, RA, Chenard, KC, Meza, L, Beiriz Silva, M. 2023. Coping styles vary with species' sociality and life history: A systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Neurosciences and Biobehavioral Reviews, 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2023.105241.

Zenil-Ferguson, R, McEntee, JP, Burleigh, JG, Duckworth, RA. 2023. Linking ecological specialization to its macroevolutionary consequences: An example with passerine nest site. Systematic Biology72(2):294306.

Mouton, JC, Duckworth, RA, et al. 2022. Nest predation risk and deposition of yolk steroids in a cavity nesting songbird: an experimental test. J. Exp. Biol. 225: jeb243047.

Gurguis, CI & Duckworth, RA. 2022. Dynamic changes in begging signal short-term information on hunger and need. The American Naturalist 199: 705-718.

Mouton, JC & Duckworth, RA. 2021. Maternally-derived hormones, neurosteroids and the development of behaviour. Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 288: 20202467.

New talks:

BioMove Symposium, Potsdam, Germany (Feb 2024)

U Wyoming "EEB Seminar Series", Laramie, WY (Nov 2023)

Symposium: "Ecology of collective behavior", Animal Behaviour Society, Porland, OR (July 2023)

Symposium: "Maternal engineering: Non-genetic contributions to the offspring phenotype", ENES Morelia UNAM (Dec 2022)

University of Arizona "Genetics GIDP Seminar Series", Tucson, Arizona (November 2022)

University of Arizona "EEB Seminar Series", Tucson, Arizona (September 2022)

Workshop:  "Evolutin of Personality in Animals and Humans", Erice, Italy (Sept 2021)

University of Bern "Behavioral, Evolutionary and Theoretical Ecology Seminar Series", Bern, Switzerland (March 2021)

American Society of Naturalists' Symposium: "Merging behavioural ecology with eco-evolutionary dynamics", Asilomar, CA (Jan 2020)

UC Davis "Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series", Davis, CA (Nov 2019)

Plenary Lecture, Evolution Evolving Conference, Cambridge University, UK (April 2019)



American Naturalist
Associate Editor


Templeton Foundation, Scientific Board of Advisors, 2021-present

ASN, Young Investigator Award Committee, 2018-2020

Local Committee, AOS Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ April 2018


- This View of Life (2021)
- National Geographic: Book talk (2018)
- Webinar: Evolution and Contextual Behavioral Science (2017)
- Nature: Research Highlights (2015)
- CBS News (2015)
- Science Podcast (2015)
- New Scientist (2013)
- BioScience (2012)
-The Scientist (2011)

Next class:

ECOL 610: Internship Presentation and Planning
(Spring 2024)

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Fellow of the American Ornithological Society, 2017

NSF CAREER Award, 2014

Elective Member. American Ornithological Union, 2012

Young Investigator Prize, American Society of Naturalists, 2010

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